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My next art show appearance will be on May 19-21 at the Cloverdale Rodeo.  Its called the West Fine Art Show and I am pleased to tell you the we are into our seventh year of operating this show. We call this
 show "Remembering Jeff Robinson" and if you click on the show poster above, it will take you to the show website.

 This book is fabulous; I enjoyed every page!  Author Robin Brunet did an amazing job of connecting the chapters of Red Robinson's life-work into a very engaging and satisfying read.

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Newest Release: Brockton Point - 1986  sn 195

Newest Release: Lions Gate Bridge - 1939  sn 95

Danceland, Robson St. - 1963  sn 195


 Drive-in Heaven sn 195

Click the painting for a short video on the making of Drive-in Heaven

Theatre Row, Granville St. - 1962   sn 295: over 240 prints sold!
Click the painting for a short video of the making Theatre Row, Granville St. - 1962


CHINATOWN - 1960  sn 195:

 Click the painting for a short video of the making of Chinatown - 1960

Theatre Row-Granville St-1950 sn 195: sold out, enquire at galleries for after market pricing

White Spot No. 1 - 1958  sn 95:  75 prints sold

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