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Out to Pasture, Street car # 153 (large view)
Out to Pasture, Street car # 153
Limited Edition Giclee print on canvas (sn95)

B.C. Electric proudly introduced streetcar service in North Vancouver from the foot of Lonsdale on September 3, 1906. Eventually three lines were brought into service; the lines were named Lonsdale, Capilano, and Grand Boulevard (later, when extended, Lynn Valley). On February 28, 1908 streetcar no.153 entered service. It was built by the John Stephenson Co. as a two-man, double-ended car powered by four G.E. 67 motors of 38 horsepower each. The car had 40 rattan seats, a deck roof, and was considered state of the art equipment, second to none in North America.

With the introduction of Lions Gate and Ironworkers Memorial bridges, the affordability of the automobile, road improvements, and bus services, the demand for North Vancouver’s streetcars and the connecting ferry service dwindled. The last streetcar service was April 24, 1947. Ferry service lasted another eleven years, finally terminating in1958.

North Vancouver’s B.C. Electric rolling stock was dispersed in various ways. At least seven of the streetcars were purchased privately and shipped to Ruskin Hideout, becoming self-contained housekeeping cabins beside the Stave River. Mysteriously, one of North Vancouver’s streetcars, number 153 came back into view in the 1960’s located in an alpine meadow near Ryder Lake, six miles southeast of Chilliwack. It seems streetcar no. 153 first went to a dam site at Bunsen Lake and a year later appeared at Ryder Lake. There, Mrs. James Hale operated 153 as a streetcar café for about four years following which the car appears to have been used as a chicken coup beside the nearby Voight cabin.

In the late 1970’s it was collected by B.C. Hydro. The corporation intended a restoration but this plan was never realized. The real rescue was started by the City of North Vancouver which purchased the car with the intent of restoring it for Expo 86; however, that plan was also not carried out; it took many more years, but eventually by 1991, the wooden body of was painstakingly restored. B.C. Electric’s streetcar no. 153 resides today with North Vancouver’s museum, the single remaining car of a proud regional streetcar service. It is a wonderful reminder of a time, long-past, when streetcars bravely conquered the steep corridors of North Vancouver.
20" H x 32" W
Price: CA $700.00