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I have just finished reading 
The Last Deejay

The book is fabulous; I enjoyed every page! 

Author Robin Brunet did an amazing job of connecting the chapters of Red Robinson's life-work into a very engaging and satisfying read.

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            WELCOME BACK!

Red Robinson has been a generous friend to me and has helped me with many of my paintings. During our time together, Red always shares stories, mostly humourous, from his past, but I must confess I have always struggled to keep-up and to fully understand his multiple careers. Now with Robin’s skill as a writer, I can say that I am up-to-speed. I love the way the book allows Red to speak in his own words and I know you will too.

Looking for a fantastic gift? Look no further my friends: Its called The Last DeeJay!             Brian

Newest Release: Brockton Point - 1986  sn 195

Newest Release: Lions Gate Bridge - 1939  sn 95

Danceland, Robson St. - 1963  sn 195


 Drive-in Heaven sn 195

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Theatre Row, Granville St. - 1962   sn 295: over 240 prints sold!
Click the painting for a short video of the making Theatre Row, Granville St. - 1962


CHINATOWN - 1960  sn 195:

 Click the painting for a short video of the making of Chinatown - 1960

Theatre Row-Granville St-1950 sn 195: sold out, enquire at galleries for after market pricing

White Spot No. 1 - 1958  sn 95:  75 prints sold

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